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TravelSIM Launches Free WebCall Service For Friends & Family 19th November 2013

TravelSIM, the international roaming SIM card that gives you what you want when you travel, have just released a cost-saving feature for friends and family members of TravelSIM customers. The feature, dubbed WebCall, will allow for loved ones back in New Zealand to call TravelSIM customers for free, adding to the company’s plethora of extra features.

New Zealand Chief Executive James Currah said “By using TravelSIM when they travel overseas, our customers are able to save a small fortune on their global roaming bills. But that just wasn’t enough for us – we wanted a feature that extended the savings to our customers’ friends and family members back home. That’s why we created WebCall.”

WebCall is a free service offered by TravelSIM that utilises the internet to make phone calls to TravelSIM customers. There’s no cost involved for those making the call (aside from any data usage), with a small surcharge for the TravelSIM user to receive this call.

Currently, friends and family members of TravelSIM customers can send unlimited free SMS messages from the TravelSIM website at no cost to either party, a perfect complement to WebCall.

“Since day one TravelSIM’s goal has been to enable our customers to have a better overseas trip, plain and simple. Great roaming rates are only a small part of that equation. Keep watching this space as we continue to expand on our vast list of value-added services.”

For more information on WebCall visit

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