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 15 March 2017

"The free SMS to other TravelSIMs is a great feature. The iPhone App is EXCELLENT!"



 13 March 2017

"We have used your TravelSIM for over 6 years and it has always worked, even in areas where other services wouldn't. It has proved invaluable!"



 11 March 2017

"I introduced your roaming sim card to our organisation and we are all very happy with the sim card. The App dialing feature 'dial the number and we will take care of the international codes' is VERY GOOD. Thank you."



 9 March 2017

"I like the idea of being able to message other TravelSIM users for free. Very helpful when you're on holidays together and want to go off and do seperate things."



 9 March 2017

"Definitely recommend TravelSIM, I was able to stay in touch while others had to wait for a wifi hotspot."



 8 March 2017

"Works exactly as advertised."



 5 March 2017

"It is great having a local company you can talk to if you have a problem. Not that I have had very many, but it is really handy to know. Have used TravelSIM for Europe, Middle East, Asia, New Zealand and the USA. Always works great. Thank you."



 2 March 2017

"I would use TravelSIM again when going overseas."



 28 February 2017

"Simple, seamless experience."



 25 February 2017

"The upgraded SIM is much better. Very helpful staff. May switch on data next trip."



 23 February 2017

"I found the product was very good once outside Australian waters."



 19 February 2017

"Was very happy with the prompt response to my online query and the quick service provided to me."



 18 February 2017

"We have used your product a couple of times. The new, one size fits all was excellent. The first time we used it was in Europe, this time was Thailand. Both experiences were excellent."



 16 February 2017

"Wonderful coverage makes it easy to contact family and friends."



 14 February 2017

"A kind, friendly voice is of the utmost importance when I ring up for assistance and that is what I get at TravelSIM."



 14 February 2017

"Never had any problems making phone calls from overseas whether in Iceland, New Caladinia or the USA."



 13 February 2017

"I have used TravelSIM for years, and I know it saves us a lot of money to keep in touch with family at home while we travel ."



 12 February 2017

"Was very easy to use."



 10 February 2017

"I really like the personal touch and getting SMS messages and even phone calls from Australia when I was experiencing difficulities with international dialing, it is the customer service that has sold me on this product."



 6 February 2017

"Most convenient and useful for communication overseas."



 1 February 2017

"Thank you for providing the means for me to keep in contact with friends and family whilst travelling, without the worry of hefty charges."



 30 January 2017

"The product gives me the coverage I want. It is easy to use and recharge. I find it meets my overseas needs very well."



 24 January 2017

"As an older woman who is IT challenged I found this to be excellent - I spent a lot of time with my carrier who just left me not knwing what to do. TravelSIM Staff were helpful and answered all my questions and were more than helpful"



 23 January 2017

"Recharege is so simple and the warning message to inform of low credit is essential."



18 January 2017

"I love my TravelSIM card, it is easy, convenient and works straight away as soon as you land. I am glad that I can easily top up my card when the balance reaches $10.00. Great Product!"



 17 January 2017

"We recently travelled to Egypt. Others in our group brought sim cards locally but couldn't get them to work. I am not a confident person when using computers and complex phones so I am glad that there is always someone I can call to answer my silly questions."



15 January 2017

"Very easy to recharge."



 11 January 2017

"I had trouble with my last overseas SIM card so we decided to try these. The advantage was we could set them up before we left Australia and make sure they were working and send our new numbers to the appropriate people. The contact centre were quick, helpful and spoke English and that really truly makes a difference. Great product, no problems."



 10 January 2017

"Really appreciated the follow up call after activating my TravelSIM, great service, thank you."



 8 January 2017

"Just a short note to inform you how great the TravelSIM was for our trip. The services worked seamlessly in each country we visited and your messages about the communication costs in each country was great. Your communication via messaging was great and kept us up to date at all times"



 8 January 2017

"TravelSIM staff are so helpful. The phone call when you start is very good and meant we had no trouble when we were overseas. Easy and quick to contact as well"



 7 January 2017

"I assumed there would be a catch, but it was so easy and so much cheaper than using my own phone."



 6 January 2017

"Having used other travel sim cards I was completely satisfied with this product. It was easy to use for texting, topping up and receiving information about the rates. The best part were the rates themselves. I would have been charged a very high price if I used my Telstra roaming. Thank you for a great product from someone who finds it challenging to learn about another new product"



 6 January 2017

"Have been using TravelSIM for around 5 years and have had good support when needed and works well."



 5  January 2017

"We were having issues making our first phone call from Argentina and one of your very kind call centre operators contact us and helped us make connections with our hotel. Had trouble dialling at 8:54 and you contacted me at 9:07. Thank you so much"



 5 January 2017

"Have used this SIM for a number of overseas trips, it's much cheaper than roaming on my regular sim."



 5 January 2017

"The reminders and instant credit made life easy."



 4 January 2017

"Excellent and very useful product while abroad."



 3 January 2017

"Great service. Simple and staff so helpful. I accidently sent a text to them that was meant for my daughter. Instant response.....was everything OK, did I need assistance. I was rather embarrased however what great customer service"



 2 January 2017

"We've used TravelSIM now for 3 trips overseas and it's been a great product to use without issues. I would highly recommend it"



27 December 2016

"Exceeded expectations. Call Centre contacted me when I had some calls fail before I had a chance to contact them! They then sorted it our immediately."



 25 December 2016

"It just works and the cost is controlled."



24 December 2016

"It is great to buy a good product but even better when it works better than expected."



 23 December 2016

"I really appreciated all the email instructions before I left."



 22 December 2016

"Having an Australian number and direct dialing makes the sim easy to use."



20 December 2016

"I am always impressed when I connect TravelSIM, the staff cannot do enough for you and are very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly."



 19 December 2016

"We used the phone throughout France, England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland then Bali, Borneo and Malaysia. We had excellent coverage in towns but sometimes limited between towns, however this could be the countries network. I wouldn't go overseas with it. Call rates are excellent"



 18 December 2016

"The TravelSIM has worked for me wherever I go. It is great and has been reliable"



16 December 2016

"Just a real pleasure to deal with all the staff at your call centre, especially when you are so far from home and the only thread that joins us together with the world is your excellent phone service."



15 December 2016

"SIM card received and activated, thanks for the prompt, efficient service - a rare commodity these days."



15 December 2016

"I was pleasantly surprised at the easiness of installing and using my TravelSIM and will certainly use it again overseas. Thank you for enabling me to cheaply keep in contct with my family and friends while I was away"



12 December 2016

"It has never let me down."



11 December 2016

"I think your service is exceptional. I especially appreciate the reminders when my account needs recharging."



9 December 2016

"Actually found using the SIM card very easy, courtesy call from the contact centre much appreicated to get it set up. SMS reminder and credit and recharge was FANTASTIC!"



 8 December 2016

"I had trouble setting up but then it was my first time. I requested help urgently and was very favourable surprised to receive email and phone call replies, even though I was overseas at the time. I was very impressed at your level of concern for me and thank you for it. I felt helpless, as a non-tech literate women and was overseas, heavily reliant on my phone. Can't thank you enough"



3 December 2016

"Everything just worked.......simply and easily. Great product and even better......local. Thank you!."



2 December 2016

"The easy recharge via SMS when the balance is below $10 was great and so easy."



1 December 2016

"I love TravelSIM. Have used it for many trips overseas over the past 7 years! I recommend the company to anyone travelling. The rates are improving every time I travel and the cusotmer service is the best part"



27 November 2016

"I had initial problems that were eventually found to be internet related. The contact centre staff were helpful and dogged in trying to source my problem. For that alone I would recommend TravelSIM. Being able to dial though the app and having the country codes automatic was also a big plus"



26 November 2016

"I found it really handy to have phone coverage whilst travelling, in case of emergency or important messages needing to be sent/received, for my family back home in Australia, as well as contact with my local friends. It was also good to have data for such things as 'maps' and being able to access public transport apps."



25 November 2016

"TravelSIM has worked well for us in the Mediterranean, Norway, UK, Thailand and Dubai. It's a cheap, simple way of having worldwide phone coverage. We used it to phone home every few days and contact people we visited overseas. It's a good product."



18 November 2016

"Have used this service for 5 years. You can rely on access and don't get any surprise roaming bills."



 10 November 2016

"Extremely good value and ease to use."



 8 November 2016

"Keep up the good work. Call centre support and follow up was friendly, efficient and clear. A small delay in getting the phone to connect to a network initially but the staff helped overcome this. Free SMS between TravelSIMs was great"



6 November 2016

"Much better product for overseas use compared to my regular telco."



 4 November 2016

"It was good to have the TravelSIM as I had to make some emergency calls, it also made keeping in touch with family much easier."



 3 November 2016

"Setup support was excellent, the fact you guys called from an Australian contact centre is fantastic."



 31 October 2016

"I am a not very techno 65-year-old and I found TravelSIM very easy to use. It did what I needed it to do. It kept me in contact with my family."



 30 October 2016

"Have been using TravelSIM since 2012 in many countries and not had any issues or reasons to complain. Best mobile product for overseas use."



30 October 2016

"Thank you for making this part of our trip a breeze."



28 October 2016

"I have used this product extensively while traveling and have had no issues. Suits my travel needs perfectly. One SIM for a multitude of countries."


26 October 2016

"The whole process of using TravelSIM has been easy & uncomplicated."



26 October 2016

"I have continued to use this for the past 6 months with no issues."



22 October 2016

"I have been very happy with the support you have given me. Made my holiday so much better and safer."



21 October 2016

"I recommended the TravelSIM to a friend who also loved its ease of use. I travel regularly and love the idea of an overseas mobile number and a home mobile number."



18  October 2016

"This product does exactly what it promises to do. I've used it often and will continue to use it whenever I travel outside Australia."



18 October 2016

"I found the TravelSIM did everything we needed from the minute we left Australia until we returned. We are heading off again next year & will be using it again."



13 October 2016

"I travel to the USA regularly. This is the best product I have ever had for my travels, affordable and dependable. Allows me to make calls without worrying about getting an enormous bill afterwards."



12 October 2016

"My phone was stolen on the second day of our holiday in Rome. I contacted TravelSIM and they were very helpful blocking my SIM. Also, a new TravelSIM was forwarded to me with credits on my return to Australia."


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