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    The TravelSIM worked in every country I went to, and I went to about six. It was important to keep in touch with my partner in Australia. I took my Vodafone SIM card and it didn't work anywhere. I was so lucky I had TravelSIM.

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    Just returned from a great trip. The TravelSIM worked like a charm everywhere we went and never looked like disappointing us once! We found it so cheap to use we just used the phone like we do here at home.

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    What is TravelSIM?

    TravelSIM makes it easy and affordable to connect with the people, information and services that you want while you're travelling overseas.

    What you want when you travel.

    TravelSIM is a pre-paid international roaming service that gives you easy phone access from your mobile in over 190 countries around the world. Plus, you stay 100% in control of your usage and costs, so there's no bill shock when you get home.

    How TravelSIM Works

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